This Nail Polish Detects Roofies

Sure, nail polish is all kinds of wonderful—but a nail polish that warns you if your drink is spiked with a date-rape drug? Now that’s batshit amazing.

An undergrad chemistry startup out of N.C. State University, Undercover Colors, is the group behind the new socially conscious project. The formula, once completed, will change colors when it comes into contact with the offensive drugs. So all you’d have to do is dip a manicured finger into your drink to protect yourself against a sexual predator.

According to the Washington Post, there were 3,900 allegations of sex offenses on college campuses in 2012—and that number itself rose 50 percent over a period of three years. While the problem is clearly far-reaching and complex, we’re a fan of anything that helps women protect themselves and brings awareness to the issue. When makeup and social activism come together, it’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it? [Via Triangle Business Journal]

Redheads Are Going Extinct—Quick, Book a Hair Appointment!

Alarming news: apparently global warming is causing redheads to go extinct. You see, ginger hair is an evolutionary response to grey, gloomy climates since the pigment allows for maximum absorption of scarce vitamin D. An increase in sunshine the world over means less need for this trait, and fewer redheads overall. CRISIS.

So what does this mean for you? For one, you need to take these photos to your colorist and copy these flame-haired ladies, like, right now. We all need to do our part, guys.

The True Red: Jessica Chastain

It was a close call between three of our favorite red-carpet reds, but Jess squeaked ahead by being the only one who passes the no-dye cut (no offense, Christina Hendricks and Emma Stone). Not that we have anything against hair dye, clearly.

The Dark Side: Bonnie Wright

What, you thought you were going to get through this without seeing a Weasley? Harry Potter’s better half didn’t only play a role in the best redheaded family in young adult fantasy fiction of all time, she’s also the proud owner of a lustrous, auburn head of hair IRL.

The Faux Red: Sophie Turner  

Game Of Thrones babe Sophie is normally a baby blonde, but her hue is so convincing that we had to include it here if only as an example of hair-dye gone right. Dang, Westeros has some pretty good colorists.

The Carrot Top: Nicole Kidman

You may know Nicole as an ice blonde, but we miss her days as a natural, slightly frazzled redhead, frankly. Bring back your curls and your persimmon locks for good, Nic! Just don’t bring back Tom Cruise.

The Strawberry Blond: Prince Harry

Sorry, had to. (But you have to admit, that is a rather stunning shade.)

Ready, set, grab a discounted color appointment!


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LB-Sides: Reggae-ish

We don’t know about you, but summer is nearly over and we haven’t attended nearly as many reggae parties as we require. This playlist will simulate the effect—and as for the summer-nearly-being-over part? That’s what our Labor Day prep sale is for.


LB-Sides: House Party Edition

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LB-Sides: Inaugural Edition

A few of our favorite things.

Doing Your Eyeliner, As Told Through GIFs

by Casey Cline

Doing your own makeup can be hard.

girl animated GIF

Is your skin warm with golden undertones, cool with rosy undertones, olive, neutral?

unimpressed animated GIF

What colors are good for making green eyes pop?

shocked animated GIF

And how come all these before-contouring photos look so insane?

shocked animated GIF

But perhaps the most challenging makeup task of all is  #nailing #dat #liner.

First of all, you need to have a steady hand, whereas yours is more like

horror animated GIF

When you finally get a grip on yourself, forces beyond your control make things difficult.

makeup animated GIF

You often end up poking your eyeball and hurting yourself.

ouch animated GIF

They make it look so easy!


As soon as you’ve perfected one eye…

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Cereal animated GIF

You go and mess up the other.

omg animated GIF

No amount of q-tips can save this mess.

john cusack animated GIF

So you wipe it off and start all over.

halloween animated GIF

Because you’re determined; you know this will all pay off in the end.

You saddle up to your computer and look for helpful online tutorials.

youtube animated GIF

And this time, with an unwavering hand, you’re somehow able to draw even lines on both eyes.

smile animated GIF

Then, lo and behold, you even manage to flick your wrist just so and add on perfect tails.

makeup animated GIF

Things are really shaping up nicely.

ance animated GIF

Now finish with a coat of mascara.

makeup animated GIF

Damn girl, you look realllly good.

chris pratt animated GIF

For real.

hair flip animated GIF

Well done.

reaction animated GIF

Now can you teach us please?

new girl animated GIF

Need help with that? Grab a professional makeup application and skip these steps altogether.


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Gel manis: strong enough to open a can of beer without chipping a nail.