LB-Sides: Motown

Who doesn’t love motown? Probably the same people who don’t like glitter nail polish. But seeing as everyone here loves both, why don’t we combine the two? All you need is our playlist and a discounted manicure!


LB-Sides: Winter Soul

LB-Sides: Doo-Wop

10 Inspiring Beauty Quotes We Live By

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10 Biggest Beauty Booboos

by Casey Cline

1. Cutting yourself while shaving.

Every woman’s introduction to lifelong torture.

2. Burning yourself with a curling iron.

Side-eye doesn’t quite do this pain justice, LC.

3. Poking your eye with a mascara wand.

Annnnnd now I’m crying thick mascara tears.

4. Pinching your eyelid with an eyelash curler.

Or GOD FORBID this nightmare. *Shivers*

5. Getting a chemical burn from Nair.


6. Or burning your skin with a DIY wax kit.


7. Speaking of burns, forgetting to apply sunscreen.

Goodbye, comfortable sleep.

8. Cutting your fingernail too short.

There is no God.

9. Stabbing yourself with tweezers.

All it takes is one slip of the elbow.

10. When you try to kill two birds with one stone and use Icy Hot instead of lotion.

No? Just me? Terrible, terrible decision. I’m so sorry, self.

Bonus: Anytime you walk out of Sephora.

So long, dollars. I guess I didn’t need 270 of you anyway.

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Is Your City Aging You?


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A new study came up with a list of 50 U.S. regions most prone to skin damage and wrinkles, compiling its rankings based on environmental, occupational, lifestyle, and stress factors.

Sorry, New York—you have the honor of taking spot #2, thanks to long commutes and sleepless nights. Lifebooker fave Chicago wasn’t too far behind, ranking in seventh place due to its longer work schedules and high alcohol consumption (almost 19 percent higher than average). Riverside, California was the top offender, but it was just one of eight California cities on the list, joining the likes of Los Angeles (#16, thanks to pollution, commute time, stress, and high unemployment). San Francisco fared better, coming in at #43.

Luckily, there’s plenty you can do to both prevent wrinkles and hide them so well that even you won’t know where they went. Start by slathering on the SPF when you’re outside and opting for airbrush and spray tanning for a healthy (aka not leathery) glow. Meanwhile, laser facials can boost collagen production, giving you the forever-baby-faced visage of Haley Joel Osment. And Botox and Dysport can banish crow’s feet and smile lines. The best part? You can get ‘em all on Lifebooker for up to an extra 20% off.