Contouring: A Tutorial, As Told Through GIFs

by Casey Cline

So there’s this thing called contouring. Maybe you’ve heard of it?

makeup animated GIF

Good. Then this should be easy.

tina fey animated GIF

Oh. You don’t…know how to contour?

i dont know animated GIF

Okay, no worries. We’ll get through this together.

joan rivers animated GIF

(Miss you, Joan!)

So, the first thing to know is that contouring is an art.

art animated GIF

Truly. It’s not just about slapping on some shading all willy-nilly like.

drunk animated GIF

First of all, you’ve got to have the right tools.

fashion animated GIF

Great. Now you’re gonna want to put on your foundation and concealer like normal.

Cheezburger animated GIF

Weeeeee—time to shadow and highlight!

Start by adding shade to the areas on your mug that appear shadowy naturally: the hollows of your cheeks…

…along your temples and the underside of your jawline…

…and down the sides of your nose.

nose animated GIF


tina fey animated GIF

That’s better. But remember, down the sides, not the bridge, of your nose.

It’s all gonna look sort of like this:

britney spears animated GIF

Now it’s time to highlight! Apply highlighter to the parts of your face where the light hits: the tops of cheekbones, bridge of your nose, just beneath brows, on your chin or cupid’s bow.

When you’re all finished, things might look…a little weird.

girls animated GIF

That’s okay! You still need to blend.

lady gaga animated GIF

Now things are really starting to come together.

L'Oréal Paris USA animated GIF

Once you’re all blended and looking naturally fabulous, set everything with powder.

girl animated GIF

Great! Now it’s time to move on to contouring your eyeshadow.

what animated GIF

Oh yeah. That’s a whole ‘nother bag of tricks.

movie animated GIF

Still confused? Grab a makeup application or lesson and get professional help.


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The Best Rainbow Hair of All Time

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The Pioneer: Gwen Stefani

It all started with Gwen, who went cotton candy way back in the ‘90s. Katy Perry wishes she could say so much.

The Punk: Kate Moss

Because Kate Moss is the epitome of cool, of course she hopped on this bandwagon way before the legions of future models and popstars.

The Trendsetter: Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams has had pretty much every hair color under the sun, but we’re particularly partial to these pastel highlights. She brought them to the red carpet ages before Sienna.

The Rebel: Charlotte Free

Before there was Chloe Norgaard, there was Charlotte Free. The boundary-breaking catwalker even managed to dye her way into a Maybelline contract.

The Loyalist: Kelly Osbourne

If Kelly Osbourne is known for anything at this point, it’s probably her lavender locks. Rumor has it that E! even wrote in her contract that the TV host is not allowed to change her hue.

The Badass: Helen Mirren

If you look up badass in the dictionary, you will see a photo of Helen Mirren rocking a pink head at age 68.

The Kid At Heart: Ke$ha

Ke$ha fulfilled everyone’s My Little Pony dreams with her rainbow sherbet hair. And since then, the fun. hasn’t. stopped.

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3 Weird Things Vegans Do

If you feel like trying a detox of your own, we’re offering cleanses from Raw Generation!

by Eva Medoff


Okay, so cutting all animal products out of your diet is a pretty extreme thing to do. But if you’d like to jump start a vegan or mostly plant-based lifestyle like I discussed in my previous post, sometimes you’ve got to get a little extreme. And vegans can get weird. Oh, yes they can.

Raw Till 4

This one is self-explanatory. If you eat all raw fruits and veggies until 4pm and then enjoy a cooked, plant-based dinner, the reasoning goes, you’ll experience improved digestion, energy, and overall health. Since nutrients can be destroyed by high temps, raw foods (in any form—juice, smoothie, or straight from the tree) are more vitamin- and mineral-dense. And since simple foods are easier to digest, your body will absorb said vitamins and minerals like whoa.

Furthermore, this is a relatively easy method to stick to during the workweek. After all, there’s no limit to how much you can eat. Feast on grapes like a Greek god! Although you may want to skip the reclining-in-the-office part.


Sure, you could eat nothing but bagels and french fries and still call yourself a vegan. But if you’re a real diehard, you’ll master the 80/10/10 diet, in which you eat 80 percent carbs, 10 percent fats, and 10 percent protein. Now, we’re not talking about the kind of carbs you get from a tub of Fluff—we’re talking about the real, straight-from-the-ground fruits and veg stuff.

Why all the carbs? Well, glucose—the simplest type of carbohydrate found in fresh produce—enters cells directly and can be immediately used as fuel. More complex carbs found in processed foods, like fructose, must be broken down before they can be used (and turn into fat if they’re not). Plus, carbs also regulate communication between cells, allowing your body to recognize harmful bacteria and initiate a quicker response from your immune system. Translation: you get sick less often, and you can drop your $40-a-week Starbucks habit.

Due to the increased energy, athletes love this method. The massive amount of fresh, raw foods you eat already contain as much as 80 of 90 percent of your daily quota of h2O, too. But since you’re basically subsisting off of sweet, sugary fruits (even leafy greens are kept to a minimum, and are the sole source of that 10 percent of protein), this can be an expensive and, as you might have guessed, rather controversial option. Eater beware.

Banana Island

If you thought that was nuts, then you’re in for a real trip. As you’re probably aware by now, simple, quick digestion is the one of the main goals and benefits of veganism. To really put that into overdrive, vegans like to eat what they call “mono meals,” or, you know, just eating a whole pineapple for breakfast or perhaps six mangoes for lunch. When your body gets all of the same all at once, it goes to town breaking down nutrients. The formula is easy.

But here’s where it gets really weird. During Banana Island, you eat nothing but bananas. For DAYS. Proponents say they experience otherworldly energy levels, glowing skin, and insanely peaceful sleep. Since the body expends less energy breaking down food, it begins to heal other ailments like it’s designed to do. Basically, the idea goes, we are in our own bodies’ way.

Oh, and the bananas? They’re just the easiest fruit to consume for a mono-meal diet. They provide more calories than other options, and the creamy consistency is better at making you feel full. And sure, you’re only eating bananas—but the massive amount required means you are still packing in loads of calories. This is meant to be done as a cleanse, and usually lasts anywhere between three and ten days. You will love banana ice cream by the end.

Full disclosure: I’m not recommending these methods to anyone. The only thing I’ve tried firsthand is Raw Till 4, which has worked great for me. But, come on. You can’t help but be a little terrified—but also captivated—by this stuff. It’s extreme eating. I dare you to look away.

If you feel like trying a detox of your own, we’re offering cleanses from Raw Generation!


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