The Best Beauty Marks of All Time

Whether faux or au naturel, beauty marks just have a certain allure. Gather inspiration from these genetically blessed (or fine-motor-skills-blessed) icons. Remember: imperfect beauty = sex-bomb beauty.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn’s je ne sais quoi was of a distinctly American ilk—even if her beauty mark made her seem more exotic and sophisticated than the average breathy-voiced bombshell. Recall, this is a woman who credited her glow to Vaseline—which is our roundabout way of reminding you that pin-up beauty is accessible to us all.

Cindy Crawford

Essentially the second coming of the Marilyn mole, Cindy’s mark was punctuated by a corn-fed, athletic flair. Where Marilyn was girly, Cindy looked like she could school you on a basketball court and then eat a steak. Definitive proof that tomboys are sexy, too.

Mariah Carey

Back on the girly side, we’ve got Mariah. There’s nothing masculine about a mole when you’re surrounded by butterflies and can hit a pitch only a golden retriever can hear, guys. Load on the lip gloss with glee—it’s the perfect complement to your beauty mark.

Dita Von Teese

If you weren’t born with it, no worries! That’s what makeup pencils are for—or, in Dita’s case, tattoos. Turns out the burlesque star was obsessed with drawing stars and hearts on the site of her now mole. When she tried to make it permanent, though, the tattoo artist refused—and blessed her with the perfect ‘40s-femme-fatale mark instead.

Eva Mendes

It’s really not fair that one person gets to be the mother of Ryan Gosling’s baby AND be this naturally smoldering. What gives, Eva? All complaints aside, though, we’re ready and willing to whip out the brow pencil for The Mendes. (That’s what we’re calling her beauty mark now.)

Want to try out the look? We’re offering makeup application and permanent makeup.


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What does plaid sound like? Grungy ‘90s tunes and their modern-day indie counterparts, duh. Listen while wearing an oversized flannel and no makeup (we hear laser facials help with that).


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Hair Trend: Babylights

You know those amazing natural highlights little kids get after a few days running around in the sun? They’re not quite platinum, not quite golden, but almost a flaxen color that goes white in the sun. And they seem to tragically evaporate by kindergarten.

Colorists are calling this effect “babylights,” and report clients coming in with pictures of their kids to request the same delicate, dimensional color. The secret is to paint just a few strands at a time to get varied, low-key highlights. It’s a long process, so bring a good book. Or a well-charged phone. Or have a really chatty colorist!

The greatest thing about babylights is that they’re super low-maintenance—like, you’re actually supposed to visit the salon less. Frequent touch-ups will ruin the subtle effect, and you hair will only look better with a little bit of roots, as if the sun is bleaching it out as it grows because you spend all your time surfing instead of sitting in an office.

Sorry, ombre, but we’re team babylights now. (PS: grab your own hair coloring here!)

It’s A Curl’s World: 8 Tips for Curly Hair

by Mallory Schlossberg

In about the seventh grade, I held a flatiron to my head and cursed the hair gods for damning my locks. Why couldn’t my hair be like everybody else’s silky smooth tresses? Why was I a human frizz ball? Was it in my fate to suffer from a debilitating fear of humidity?

Fortunately, with age came a zen-like revelation: it was okay to have curly hair…provided I knew how to work it. And don’t you know? The Spice Girls were actually shouting “curl power!” (Kidding.)

Thou shalt not brush (when dry)

Most curly haired girls know from experience that if they brush their hair when it’s dry, it will turn into the two dreaded poofy triangles. If you’ve never brushed your hair when it’s dry before, I don’t advise it…unless you’re going as an awkward fifth grader for Halloween.

Cut your hair frequently

There’s a common myth that getting frequent trims makes your hair grow. It’s not that frequent trims actually lead to hair growth (diet has a lot to do with that), it’s that if you don’t get your hair trimmed, you’re just harnessing split, dead ends, which can lead to breakage, and therefore, can prevent healthy strands from continuing to grow.

You don’t have to go all Felicity every month, but you should get your hair cut frequently (roughly every six to eight weeks).

Don’t wash your hair every day

Contrary to popular belief, skipping the shampoo does not make you a dirty hippie. It actually makes you knowledgeable about your mane.

Here’s the catch: You still should condition your hair (and shower…duh). Curly hair is naturally drier than straight hair because it makes it easier for nourishing oils to travel down a strand of straight than it is for them to travel down a curly ringlet. Further, if you skip conditioning, you put your strands at risk for becoming a dry, raw head-bush. Lovely, right?  By conditioning, your hair can retain its moisture and its volume.

If you must shampoo, opt for a sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfates are often found in harsher shampoos (which are normally cheaper), and they strip your hair of everything, including the bad stuff— but also the good stuff, like necessary oils and moisture, making your hair even drier and frizzier.

Get a deep conditioning treatment

You gotta keep your strands hydrated! Don’t know where to get one for a decent price? Oh, hello. We know of a few.

Don’t over-do the product

If you douse your locks with too much product, you’ll get a “crunchy” look—not cool, unless you like your hair feeling like a dead leaf. Mmm, so sensual and soft to the touch. Try to keep the amount of product you use limited to the size of a coin—less is usually more.

Blow dry with a diffuser

If you’re averse to going out with a wet head (and I don’t blame you if you’re haunted by your mother telling you you will get the flu), then attach a diffuser to your hair dryer. As its name suggest, it diffuses air into a wider circle, which thereby minimizes frizz, since there’s less hot air aimed at one tiny portion of your hair.

Be a princess and sleep on a silk pillowcase

Cotton is the devil when it comes to ringlets. The harsher texture sucks the moisture right out of your hair, and when you spend all night rubbing your head against cotton, it can cause friction and breakage. Reach for the silk instead, as it will help your curls retain moisture, minimizing frizz. (You can also opt for a satin pillowcase, which has a similar effect.) Now you can say aloud, “Why, I must only sleep on the finest of silks!” in a British accent.

Get a good haircut

Cut is everything. Of course, every set of curls is different, so make sure your cut works for you, but know that angles and layers can definitely benefit your locks. Layers in particular will give your hair shape, helping you avoid those dreaded two triangles that may haunt you like The Ghost of Middle School Past.

A longer style can work for you if you have thicker hair— it can help you avoid the aforementioned hellacious poof. If your hair is on the thinner side, though, you may want to keep your hair shorter to retain volume. (Plus, a short, bouncy curly haircut is adorable.)

But the number one rule? Healthy hair is always the best looking hair, and we here at Lifebooker know a thing or two about where to snag a kickass haircut for a sweet price…

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Ethereal voices, magnetic beats, haunting guitar—it’s all par for the course for these erie chanteuses. Combine with purple lipstick, and you’ve got your The Craft look nailed.


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11 Must-Follow Nail Artists on Instagram

Tapping away on a computer all day isn’t really conducive to the sort of elaborate nail looks we rock in our dreams. (When is Apple going to release a keyboard that won’t chip our polish?) Instead, the Lifebooker team lives vicariously through the Instagram accounts of crazy-talented nail artists and the salons they call home. Below, 11 of our very favorites. (Psst: Do up your own digits here!)  

Miss Pop

miss pop.png

Her work’s appeared in just about every cool magazine on the racks, and she’s been featured in New York mag and WWD, among others, for her bright, often-geometric nail designs. Plus, Miss Pop does a mean tutorial for the nail-art-challenged among us.

WAH Nails

wah nails.png

One of the first boutique nail art salons, London’s WAH is still going strong, posting a barrage of impossibly creative nail looks from across the pond and making good on their promise that clients can have “whatever they want” on their digits.

Alicia Torello


Alicia Torello’s work has appeared in just about every high-fashion mag out there, including W and Harper’s Bazaar, as well as on red carpets from movie premieres to the Met Gala. Need we say more?

Olive and June

olivia june.png

This LA-based salon posts pretty, subtle nail looks along with runway photos, girl-power quotes, and the occasional envy-inducing shot of LA’s sunsets and palm trees. Californiaaa…

Jessica Washick

jessica washick.png

How can you not love a nail artist who actually trademarked the phrase “U don’t need a man. U need a manicure”? Her super bold, colorful nail art is just the cherry on top.



New York salon Tenoverten says their mission is to “bring back the simple pleasure of getting a manicure and pedicure.” Their IG is full of cool-girl nail art and lots of gratuitous shots of amazing polish colors, including their eponymous line.

Vanity Projects

vanity projects.png

Vanity Projects is a Soho salon whose Instagram serves up a constant and creative stream of just about every variation on nail art you can imagine, from minimalist ombre tips to wild, modern-art inspired graphics.

Lexi Martone

Screen shot 2014-10-09 at 12.48.53 PM.png

Gems? Glitter? Faux flowers? Photorealistic nail art of Disney characters and the Backstreet Boys? Lexi Martone does it all, sometimes on the same nail. Better start clearing up space on your phone’s camera roll - you’re going to want to reference these.

Jin Soon Choi

Screen shot 2014-10-09 at 12.50.19 PM.png

Jin Soon Choi is an editorial manicurist who posts drool-worthy pictures of high-fashion nails and backstage shots from photoshoots and fashion shows, plus the occasional cat pic and goofy video. Go forth and follow.

Team Topcoat

Screen shot 2014-10-09 at 12.52.23 PM.png

The nail stylists at Team Topcoat are another example of artists who paint nails you never could have dreamed up yourself. Suddenly our DIY reverse French manicure is looking a little sad.

Taryn Multack

Screen shot 2014-10-09 at 12.53.36 PM.png

While her eerily accurate runway-inspired nail looks make her a must-follow, Taryn Multack rounds out her Instagram with plenty of feminine manis and charming snapshots of her life in NYC.