TheBroot Hair Mask Bar: Would You Put Bull-Testicle Broth in Your Hair?


DIY hair treatments have always been kinda problematic. Bud Light-mayonnaise concoctions just make us crave deli meat and massaging your own scalp isn’t relaxing at all. What, you don’t like leaning over your kitchen sink at a 90-degree angle either? Maybe that’s why everyone is talking about TheBroot, an all-natural hair mask bar that’s grabbed Santa Monica by the messy bun.

The first of its kind, TheBroot was opened in October 2012 by Bellacures nail spa owner Samira Asemanfar. The bar’s name is a funflation of the phrase “back to your roots,” a nod to both healthy follicles and Samira’s longtime passion for beauty. She designed TheBroot’s menu herself through trial and error, which is now narrowed down to a bunch of ingredients we ate for brunch last week: banana, eggs, honey, mayo, and oil.  “Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved making my own hair masks with ingredients straight from the fruit stand,” Samira says. “As I got older and life got busier, it became a hassle to actually go through the steps and then have to clean up all the mess.

Of course, not every product Samira tested ended up making the cut. She told us about her search for a good scalp exfoliant that ended with quinoa gone horribly awry: “Not only did it not exfoliate, it was a mess to get out of the hair. Looked like a head full of bird seeds.

The only off-the-menu item available at TheBroot is the one you won’t find in your fridge: bull-testicle broth. (If we are mistaken, and you do, in fact, keep bull-testicle broth in your fridge, then may we politely suggest that you go out to eat more often?) The recipe was handed down, generation to generation, by Samira’s family, and is said to help strengthen, grow, and repair hair. The bull testicles are cooked down and the nutrients and protein are extracted, repairing damage to the outer layers of hair by penetrating deep into the hair shaft.

To add on a one-ounce shot of bull testicle broth, just ask your BrooTender to make your hair mask “animal style.” Which should definitely not be confused with adding grilled onions to your cheeseburger at In-N-Out. The broth easily blends into any hair mask, and can be added onto any treatment for an additional fee.

Well, that’s much better than sitting on your couch watching Here Comes Honey Boo Boo with a head full of Greek yogurt, isn’t it?

We’re offering your choice of hair treatment at TheBroot for $18 (reg. $35) right now through February 3rd. Bull-testicle broth optional, of course.

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